I like a little of this & a lot of that : literary fiction, children's books, young adult,  thrillers and mysteries, dystopian novels, sci-fi and fantasy.

I don't like horror or romance novels (how do you tell them apart?)

Bookshelves Personality Test

Bookshelves Personality Test




By the way, I'm an anarchist.

Anatomy Of A Best Seller: Four Reasons "Gone Girl" is Such A Literary Juggernaut


Here's a link from the blog, Literary Exploration, to a very interesting explanation of satire. It's well worth a read. Below is the article's beginning.


Understanding Satire

"I was reading a review the other day, when I saw them say “being a satire, I expected it to be funny” which, at the time, really annoyed me: I wanted to become that guy who replies with “I don’t think you get it”. The truth of the matter is I was someone that thought satire was a form of comedy for a very long time too. I think it wasn’t until someone called 1984 a satirical novel did I actually think “hang on, maybe I need to look up this word”. So I thought instead maybe this could make a good blog post" . . . continued 

ORIGIN by Khoury, Jessica

Origin - Jessica Khoury

I just can't believe how long it took me to read this book. Not sure why. It was a little slow in the beginning with a lot of characters to get to know. In the middle the story starts to move and the last third is exciting.  Overall, the writing is excellent. 


Our heroine, Pia turns 17 in the Amazonian jungle in an enclosed genetic engineering compound, Little Cam. She has been raised here since her birth and thinks of all of the scientists who study her as aunts and uncles. They have taught her that she is perfect, and that she is immortal. They want to learn her secret and create a race of immortal humans. She wants this also as she is alone on the earth. The sole immortal. 


The jungle is everywhere. Lush and beautiful, deep and forbidden. Pia longs to escape Little Cam and see more of the world around her.


When her wish is granted, her whole world is turned upside down. She discovers that she is not what she thought she was. 


How close are we really to making these kinds of scientific discoveries? Would we handle such information the same way this young girl does?


A love story and a thriller. A sci-fi/fantasy fable. A good read.

Tyler Perry, Neil Patrick Harris And Others Confirmed For David Fincher's "Gone Girl"

I heard so many rumors of who was Amy; I am pleased with this. Ben Affleck gets to be Nick AND Batman. Yow! Bam! Kerplop! Splat! (old Batman language).



Well here's the cast. What do you all think?

This is literature analysed as you've never heard it before..


    (Warning, occasional rude word (bleeped))



thanks The stories of my life...


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If You Were Here

If You Were Here - Alafair Burke

I had never read a book by Alafair Burke before but this one sounded intriguing and I needed a book to listen to while I walked. Good idea Valz.


The premise is: a writer for a city magazine (once a DA who was forced by extenuating circumstances to retire) observes a phone video of a woman saving a young man from the tracks of a subway train. The unusual thing is the savior looks exactly like Susan, a woman that McKenna Jordan (aka the protagonist), was best friends and roommates with until her disappearance ten years earlier.  If this rescuer had not acted like she did the man would have died. McKenna is impelled to find out all she can. 


This is really an excellent book in the genre. The story takes you on a journey involving many and never disappointing. The plot is intelligently worked out. 


Highly recommended.



Alafair Burke is the daughter of James Lee Burke. I have not read his books but I will read all of Alafair's.

Reblogged from Realms of an Open Mind:

reblogged from Realms of an Open Mind

Librarian Chastises 9 Year-Old Kid For Reading Too Much

Oh, please give me a break! I cannot believe a librarian would do such a thing. If someone else wants to win all they have to do is read more books. It's a competition. The library needs to come up with more ways of interesting children in reading not penalize the best reader. I always won the most books read award at my school and it always made me proud and I deserved it. Boo to the  Hudson Falls, NY library.


the gory details here:

Sort of book related -- grammar--and fun!!



In the style of librarians

Photos of vintage librarians.   Enjoy!



7 Horrifying Ailments Named After Literary Characters


Photo by Rob Krause


"When you're immersed in a good story, it's easy to lose yourself in a character's world. But what would life be like if you actually had to experience what they experience? "----- READ MORE   

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With sales in 2012 up 8%, independent bookstores have turned the corner according to the American Booksellers Association.


This is great news for me. I love indy bookstores because they're so individual, so full of unpredictable delights. One of the best moment in my vacation this year was visiting the Mysterious Bookshop in NYC and choosing two great crime novels to read during my trip. I also love Sally Evans' wonderful second hand book store in the tiny Scottish village of Callander where I found a lovely volume of Robert Frost's poems, complete with the previous owner's notes.


Do you have a favorite indy bookstore - somewhere which always has the right book for you, or which contains gorgeous surprises?

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