If You Were Here

If You Were Here - Alafair Burke

I had never read a book by Alafair Burke before but this one sounded intriguing and I needed a book to listen to while I walked. Good idea Valz.


The premise is: a writer for a city magazine (once a DA who was forced by extenuating circumstances to retire) observes a phone video of a woman saving a young man from the tracks of a subway train. The unusual thing is the savior looks exactly like Susan, a woman that McKenna Jordan (aka the protagonist), was best friends and roommates with until her disappearance ten years earlier.  If this rescuer had not acted like she did the man would have died. McKenna is impelled to find out all she can. 


This is really an excellent book in the genre. The story takes you on a journey involving many and never disappointing. The plot is intelligently worked out. 


Highly recommended.



Alafair Burke is the daughter of James Lee Burke. I have not read his books but I will read all of Alafair's.