ORIGIN by Khoury, Jessica

Origin - Jessica Khoury

I just can't believe how long it took me to read this book. Not sure why. It was a little slow in the beginning with a lot of characters to get to know. In the middle the story starts to move and the last third is exciting.  Overall, the writing is excellent. 


Our heroine, Pia turns 17 in the Amazonian jungle in an enclosed genetic engineering compound, Little Cam. She has been raised here since her birth and thinks of all of the scientists who study her as aunts and uncles. They have taught her that she is perfect, and that she is immortal. They want to learn her secret and create a race of immortal humans. She wants this also as she is alone on the earth. The sole immortal. 


The jungle is everywhere. Lush and beautiful, deep and forbidden. Pia longs to escape Little Cam and see more of the world around her.


When her wish is granted, her whole world is turned upside down. She discovers that she is not what she thought she was. 


How close are we really to making these kinds of scientific discoveries? Would we handle such information the same way this young girl does?


A love story and a thriller. A sci-fi/fantasy fable. A good read.