Dreamers of the Day: A Novel

Dreamers of the Day: A Novel - Mary Doria Russell When I heard that Maria Doria Russell had written a book with Winston Churchill and Laurence of Arabia in it, I was really excited -- surely a book with these two characters in it would be fascinating. Her earlier book, A Thread of Grace, is one of my favorite books, and so with great anticipation I began reading. The first half did not disappoint. Our heroine undergoes a "makeover" as good as any on television today and then sets off on a once in a lifetime adventure. I loved the transformation. I loved learning history painlessly. I was fascinated with the great influenza and the fact that the wildness of the Roaring Twenties stemmed from the desperation of the flu survivors to grab onto and embrace life in a hard and fast way. I liked the skillful characterizations of the cast. I loved the description of riding a camel and was sure that I, too, had just ridden one. But, and this is a very large but, I was disappointed in the second half, and found the ending to be just plain strange! It does not live up to Doria Russell's earlier novels. I recommend Dreamers of the Day, but with reservations.