Shift - Em Bailey
I have never read anything quite like this young adult fantasy. 

Olive is trying really hard to take her meds and go to therapy and help out at home by cooking and watching after her little brother but after a new student comes to town, her life is turned upside down for the second time in just a year. The first time the "incident" occurred and after that Olive dropped all her old friends and took up with a new one, Ami, much to Olive's mother's dismay. 

Now Miranda, shows up at school, rumored to have killed her parents. Olive, gets a glance at Miranda and her strange mirrored eyes and knows something is wrong. With Ami's help she sets out to discover Miranda's secret.

This book is an interesting take on the destructiveness of the "popular" student clique. When can you choose to be an individual? If you try to be just like the most popular will you lose your identity or even your life?

Ms Bailey, has a gift for language. Describing Katie, the popular girl, she says: "I could just about feel the gleam of Katie's teeth, so radiant it was probably causing skin cancers on my face."