Whistle while you work ...


... or listen to an audiobook!


Every year since 2010, SYNC has been giving away free audiobooks for the entire summer - two books each week.  The books are usually a mix of current YA titles and classics, available in MP3 format and are downloaded using the Overdrive Media Console.


The books for the week are normally available on Thursdays through to the Wednesday of the following week.  If you don't download them by then, you lose out.  Also, some titles are only available for the United States; the majority of titles are available internationally, though.


SYNC's 2013 program begins today with Of Poseidon by Anna Banks and William Shakespeare's The Tempest.  The links don't seem to be live yet so keep checking throughout the day! Download links are now active!


You can find more information at the SYNC website, including a schedule of the summer's offerings.


Happy listening!