I like a little of this & a lot of that : literary fiction, children's books, young adult,  thrillers and mysteries, dystopian novels, sci-fi and fantasy.

I don't like horror or romance novels (how do you tell them apart?)

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Silly Cat Of The Day
Silly Cat Of The Day

the dogs are so funny

Cat Reading

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Book Art Of The Day
Book Art Of The Day

Susan Diehl

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"It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them. -- Agatha Christie"

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Dark Places - Gillian Flynn

for some reason my review disappeared. I'm working on another one.

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Book Art Of The Day
Book Art Of The Day

The Pensive Reader, 1894 Mary Cassatt

Still Missing

Still Missing - Chevy Stevens


 This was a difficult book for me to read. It is about abuse and captivity and being victimized. It drew me in and compelled to finish it but I don't know if I gained anything from the time I spent reading it.


I don't think it's really fair to rate it down because of the horrific content but I can't help it. It might read like a four star book but it's only getting three from me.

Under Wildwood

Under Wildwood - Colin Meloy, Carson Ellis

A Chapter Book for Children

What an adventure -- and a well characterized one at that! -- lots of folk to attach to and lots to dislike. 

Overall rating -- excellent! Would have given 5 stars if it had included the end of the story --but since I did not know that it was a series and there was no hint given in the book that it was not stand-alone -- 4 stars!

Starting with book two is easy but now that I have read book one I highly recommend it. It may even be better than this one.

I have yet to read #3 but am highly anticipating it.



Wildwood - Carson Ellis, Colin Meloy

This chapter book for children features feisty, intelligent Prue. She is searching for her baby brother who has been kidnapped by crows. Curse those evil crows!


A friend of hers, Curtis, invites himself along and together they enter the supposedly impassable wilderness of Wildwood where they meet a slew of crazy characters.


It's a good story, a lot of fun, AND has illustrations!

I read book two in this series, Under Wildwood, before I read this one. I didn't realize that it was a series when I read #2 and it didn't hurt the reading experience. I recommend both and have yet to read #3 but am highly anticipating it.

This photo, called The Reader by Jennifer Zwick, captures the thrill and imagination of reading as a young girl. It is part of series of constructed narratives about growing up female.




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Book Art Of The Day
Book Art Of The Day

Theodore Earl Butler (American, (1861-1936). Lili reading at the Butler house in Giverny, 1908.

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An Hilarious Article About Love


Click here for 

How to Tell Love from Passion: A Timeless Litmus Test from E. B. White and James Thurber, 1929

by Maria Popova

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If you check out/join the Official BookLikes Group, you'll see that there already is a discussion thread entitled Feature Requests. The rules are essentially the same as associated with the Make Your Wish post: Before you request something, try to find out whether it's already in the works (so circling back to "Make Your Wish" might be advisable, because Dawid and the BookLikes team have already responded to a number of requests directly there) -- give the BookLikes folks a chance to stay organized and on priority.  Other than that ... seems we can just speak up to our hearts' content, just as a lot of us have already been doing in the comments section of "Make Your Wish."


Thank you, Dawid and BookLikes!


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Let The Northern Lights Erase Your Name

Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name - Vendela Vida

Set in Lapland and written in a beautifully still style, Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name, is an intriguing and easy read. To tell much about the story would be to give it away but it is very good at what it sets out to do. 


It is about rape and what it does to women. Two women in different situations whose lives are forever changed and who just happen to be mother and daughter.  One finds out she is a daughter of rape and that the mother who deserted her as a child wants nothing to do with her and the other (the mother) is unable to be free and open with anyone and hides away living her life near the arctic circle in a frozen land.

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